Goodbye, Good-bye, Bye.

See you.
See you tomorrow.
Have a good day.
I hope to see you again.
Have a safe trip. (journey).
Bless you.
Could you repeat that please?
Don’t worry!
Everything is great. 
Good night.
Good morning.
Good afternoon.
Good evening.
Happy Birthday. 
How was your day?
Hurry up please. 
Excuse me.
What do you think? 
Hold on.
I like it.
I don’t like it.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Where is the bathroom? 
I would like this.
I’m sorry.
It’s difficult.
It’s easy.
It’s true.
It’s false.
It’s correct

Just a minute please.

Is that it?
May I help you.
May I sit here.
No problem.    
Of course.
Once again please.
Please forgive me.
Please have a seat.
Same for me.
Shut up!
Be quiet!
Slower please.
So what’s new.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Sounds great.
Stop here please.
Thank you very much.
This is for you.
You are welcome.
It was nothing.
How can I help you?
What does  _____ mean? 
What do you mean?
Where are you from?
What do you do?
Let’s take a coffee break.

what’s  =  what is
don’t  =  do not

i’m  =  i am
it’s  =  it is
let’s  =  let us 

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