Business Meetings B2 C1 C2

This class takes you through the timeline of a typical business meeting. It is basically about what phrases and sentences to use. We cover the most common business idioms as well.

1. Welcoming attendees / thanking attendees / making introductions
2. Outlining the agenda
3. Dealing with the minutes
4. Asking for opinions
5. Managing the discussion
6. Delegating tasks
7. Asking questions in a business meeting
8. Making suggestions (formal and informal)
9. Polite ways to disagree
10. Asking for clarification
11. Refusing politely
12. To summarize the meeting
13. Closing the meeting

The board room

Class Details
1. PDF course notes of a typical business meeting so you can construct sentences to suit your situation.
2. This lesson can be completed in one hour but can be extended for a more in-depth coverage.
3. For students 18 years and older.
4. PDF printable of business idioms and their meanings.

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