1. A1 Beginners 80 hours
2. Real Life Conversation Topics
3. Job Interviews
4. Pronunciation A2 B1 B2 C1 
5. Reading Speaking A2 B1 B2 C1
6. Writing B2 C1

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A1 BEGINNER 80 hours
Specially designed English classes for Spanish speakers.
B2 - C2 Comprehension, Fluency and Accuracy.
Real life
B2 - C2 How to ace your next job interview.
A class dedicated to pronunciation, 44 phoneme sounds, intonation etc.
Perfect for those wishing to give a public speech or understand rhythm.
Learn how to write basic articles in English. Story structure and punctuation.

Real Life Conversation Topics.
B1 B2 C1 C2

real life

Comprehension, Fluency and Accuracy.

One of the important skills in language. “Real life conversation”. This is where we dive deep into creating fluency and understanding through speaking and listening on a wide range of topics.

This class
1. British English
2. Level B1 B2 C1 C2
3. 45 mins / 60 mins
4. Over 18 years old.
5. Zoom is the preferred platform. Please select the zoom option when booking this class.

What will you learn?
1. Vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs, context, paraphrasing, synonyms. correct placement
of prepositions.
2. How to keep the conversation flowing to sound fluid and intelligent.
3. How to express agreements, disagreements, opinions, presenting ideas, contrasts and talking about solutions.
4. Using emotions, feels and description words to describe a scene, situation or image.
5. Pronunciation correction and revision.

This class generally does not cover?
1. The specific teaching of grammar although minor mistakes and the basics that are needed at each level are addressed..
2. Correcting of your academic papers.

Before and after class.
1. I will send you a topics lists of ideas. (optional to choose).
2. You may be asked to review an image or write an article. (optional)
3. You may be asked to do some homework after the class and present it before next lesson (optional). This could be writing an article or reviewing a subject. I will do a basic sentence structure, grammar, corrections of your article before next class begins. Try to keep articles to maximum of 600 words if you can.

Job Interviews. B2 C1 C2

This in-depth class covers the essentials to ace your next job interview. It is held over 2 x1 hour classes and conducted on Zoom via power point presentation. You will take the part of the applicant in a role play. For those that only wish a single hour this is possible. I will send the notes in PDF for free on the pre-interview preparation and we shall only study the 20 questions. Please note we may not finish all 20 questions although i shall send you a PDF after with examples. You will receive two PDFS in total.

1. Course notes you can review and practice. I will send in a PDF file.
2. Held over 2 x 1 hour classes. If you wish to take just a one hour class this is possible although about a third of the questions will be omitted as well as the etiquette and job preparation section.

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Class 1
(1hr). How to prepare for an interview, vocabulary, tips, etiquette + questions and answers 1 to 5.
Class 2
(1hr). questions and answers 6 to 25
Over 18 years old.

Business Meetings B2 C1 C2

This class takes you through the timeline of a typical business meeting. It is basically about what phrases and sentences to use. We cover the most common business idioms as well.

1. Welcoming attendees / thanking attendees / making introductions
2. Outlining the agenda
3. Dealing with the minutes
4. Asking for opinions
5. Managing the discussion
6. Delegating tasks
7. Asking questions in a business meeting
8. Making suggestions (formal and informal)
9. Polite ways to disagree
10. Asking for clarification
11. Refusing politely
12. To summarize the meeting
13. Closing the meeting

The board room

Class Details
1. PDF course notes of a typical business meeting so you can construct sentences to suit your situation.
2. This lesson can be completed in one hour but can be extended for a more in-depth coverage.
3. For students 18 years and older.
4. PDF printable of business idioms and their meanings.

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