Preposiciones de Lugar y Tiempo

Prepositions are words that show a relationship to a place (location) or time (space). They are generally preceded by a noun or pronoun.
The most common are;  IN,   ON,   AT.  There is often confusion about which one to use so we hope these sentences can help.

Prepositions can be one, two or three words. Here are some common prepositions;

about  above   across   after  against   along  among   around   before behind   between   beyond  but  by  despite  down  during  except  following  for  from  in  including  into  like  near  of  off   out  over  plus  since  through  to  towards  under  until  up  upon  with  without
as well as        inside of        because of        as for       on top of 

ON in relation to time

I will start work on Tuesday.
I am on holiday all this week.
On the 1st day of July i will retire.
I opened some great presents on my 30th birthday.
On the 3rd of September i change my job.
On New Years Eve i danced with my friends.
On Sunday i will go to the park.

ON in relation to place

I am looking for a good documentary to watch on the internet.
I am going to the shops on my bicycle.
I am travelling on a train / bus / ship / plane.
I listen to classical music on the radio.
I am on my mobile phone.
We eat breakfast together on the kitchen table.
The murals are painted on the walls.

meet you at the station
I am travelling on a train today.

AT in relation to time

At lunch time i like to eat a light meal.
I stop for lunch at midday.
I can’t talk to you at the moment as I’m on the metro.
I return home at 7 o’clock in the evening.
I work Monday to Friday but at the weekend i can relax.
I have to get up at 6 am in the morning.

AT in relation to place

He will wait for you at the entrance of the shopping mall.
She found her shoe at the bottom of the swimming pool.
At the office we can sometimes take a power nap.
They have to be at the dentist at 9am tomorrow.
He arrived early to be at the front of the theatre.
There is a long line of people at the bus stop. 

At lunchtime i like to eat a light meal.

IN in relation to time

In Spring the flowers start to blossom.
My husband is always grumpy in the morning before his coffee.
Hopefully in March i will have lost some weight.
Everyone will use an electric car in the near future.
In the seventies, eighties and nineties we experienced some great music bands.
In five years time i will be a qualified pilot.



IN in relation to place

I always find my mother in the garden talking to the plants.
There are huge queues in the bank at lunch time.
He was in the subway station when the flash floods occurred.
In Madrid we can visit the «El Prado Museum».
The vitamins are in the pill container.
My best friend now lives in a tiny house.
Every Sunday we walk in the local park.

ducks in the park
The ducks are in the park.
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