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  • Nautilus English is the personal website of teacher Ritch. It is a platform about English as a second language and there are free resources available which are constantly updated.

I teach classes through the italki platform. Book your lessons here through my affiliate link. (note, i may get a small commission for new students)  italki teacher Ritch

  1. A1 fundamentals
  2. A1 English fundamentals for Spanish speakers.
  3. Business classes (Job interviews and Business meetings)
  4. Real Life Conversation Topics. B1 B2 C1 C2. Comprehension, Fluency and Accuracy.
  5. English through Photography and Art. B2 C1 C2.

I teach classes through the italki platform and zoom.  You simply click the zoom link inside the italki platform. 

Yes. Most classes come with free course notes. Homework is given with each class but is optional. I understand not everyone has time to complete assignments.
Note; trial students that wish to book more classes can ask for assignments.

I have a TEFL level 5 and TEFL business certificate and started teaching English in 2019 currently to over 500 students in class and online.

A way of learning English through a specific subject. You will acquire new language skills through a specifically designed course. Two subjects for the price of one.
Learn through photography

Yes, you need to join and register as a student, it’s very easy. Please use my affiliate link. Note; I may receive a small commission for new students).


You pay through italki as a registered student.

Learn English through photography

Take A Trail Class

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