You will encounter the numbers constantly during your English studies. For this reason just familiarize yourself with how they are pronunciation. Occasionally listen to the audio to refresh your memory but don’t force yourself to remember rather let it absorb naturally and slowly over time. We recommend however to learn the 5’s. They are 5 ,15, 50, 500, 5000.

0         zero
1         one 
2         two 
3         three 
4         four 
5         five 
6         six 
7         seven
8         eight 
9         nine 
10       ten 
11       eleven 
12       twelve 
13       thirteen
14       fourteen
15       fifteen 

16       sixteen 
17       seventeen 
18       eighteen
19       nineteen  
20       twenty
21       twenty-one 
30       thirty 
40       forty 
43       forty-three 
50       fifty
60       sixty  
70       seventy
80       eighty 
90       ninety 
100     one hundred 

The Numbers

los números

3 minutes 13 seconds

101    one hundred and one
102    one hundred and two
200    two hundred
300     three hundred
400     four hundred
500     five hundred
700     six hundred
800     eight hundred
900     nine hundred
1000  one thousand

1001   one thousand and one
1500   one thousand five hundred
2000     two thousand
3000     three thousand
70000   seventy thousand
100000   one hundred thousand

832,497 eight hundred and thirty two
thousand, four hundred and ninety seven

1000,000         one million
1000,000,000   one billion  

first               1st
second         2nd
third              3rd
fourth            4th
fifth                5th
sixth               6th
seventh          7th
eighth             8th
ninth               9th
tenth             10th
eleventh        11th
twelfth           12th
thirteenth      13th
fourteenth     14th

fifteenth               15th
sixteenth              16th
seventeenth         17th
eighteenth            18th
nineteenth            19th
twentieth              20th
thirtieth                 30th
fortieth                  40th
fiftieth                   50th
sixtieth                  60th
seventieth             70th
eightieth                80th
ninetieth                90th
one hundredth    100th

5,15, 50, 500, 5000

I love the lucky 5 numbers.  I won the lottery once. My numbers were 57,95,15,35,05.


How beautiful to see five (5) flamingos flying at sunset.

five flamingos

Harry the horse has won the race fifteen (15) times. He is really fast.

harry the racehorse

Rocky the dog weighs fifty (50) pounds. He is a mid-sized dog and lost his tail to a shark.


Sophia received a five hundred (500) dollar salary bonus.She decided to buy lots of beautiful books for her daughter.

educational books

A large music concert of five thousand (5000) people rocked the stadium in Johannesburg.

big concert
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