Real Life Conversation Topics. B1 B2 C1 C2

real life

Comprehension, Fluency and Accuracy.
One of the essential skills in language. “Real life conversation”. This is where we jump into a vast vocabulary, creating fluency and understanding through speaking on a wide range of lifestyle and world topics. A PDF list of topics is sent to all new students or see the list below.

This class
1. British English
2. Level B1 B2 C1 C2
3. 60 minutes                
4. Over 18 years old.
5. Zoom is the preferred platform. You will be sent a link to enter the class.

What will you learn?
1. Vocabulary, idioms, verbs, context, paraphrasing, synonyms, basic grammar
corrections associated at these levels and conversations.
2. How to keep the conversation flowing to sound fluid and intelligent.
3. How to express agreements, disagreements, opinions, presenting ideas, contrasts and
talking about solutions.
4. Using emotions, feelings and description words to describe a scene, situation or image.
6. I will send you PDF files and links.

Speaking. We aim to get you speaking as much as possible during the class. The goal is to work on accuracy and fluency.
Listening. When listening to your tutor, how much do you understand? What are the areas for improvement?
Reading. There’s a bit of reading so I can access your reading skills.
Pronunciation. Through the lesson your pronunciation will be assessed and corrected.
Specific grammar correction. Minor grammar mistakes are noted and corrected. 
These classes are vocabulary intense. After a few lessons you will have PDF lists of all the important words in English. Building vocabulary should be your top priority.
This class does not cover?
1. A full lesson on teaching grammar.
2. Correcting of your academic papers.

Before and after class.
1. I will send you a topics lists of pre-made 30 minute and 60 minute classes. (optional to choose).
2. You can review or write an article. I will send you a PDF on starting your first article. (optional).
3. You may be asked to do some homework after the class and present it before next lesson (optional). This could be writing an article or reviewing a subject. I will do a basic sentence structure, grammar, corrections of your piece before next class begins. Please keep articles between 200 to 400 words.

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