To Be (present simple)

Present Abbreviated
I am
You are
He / She is
He's / She's
We are
You are
They are

The Verb “to be” has two forms. It can be a main verb or an auxiliary verb (helping verb). There are three main auxiliary or linking verbs in English; to be / to have and to do.

Infinitive: to be


The short form is used all the time in English especially in speech. You will hear it and see it constantly.

To Be (past simple)

I was
You were
He / She was
We were
You were
They were

To Be (future simple)

I will be
You will be
He / She will be
We will be
You will be
They will be

To Be (interrogative)

Am i ?
Are you ?
Is he ?
Is she ?
Are we ?
Are you ?
Are they ?

Remember there is also the present tense negative interrogative and past tense negative interrogative.

Am i not the best dancer in town ?



To Be (negative present)

Negative Abbreviated
I am not
I'm not
You are not
You aren't
He / She is not
He / She isn't
We are not
We aren't
You are not
You aren't
They are not
They aren't

To Be (negative past)

Negative Abbreviated
I was not
I wasn't
He was not
He wasn't
She was not
She wasn't
We were not
We weren't
You were not
You weren't
They were not
They weren't
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