To Do (present simple)

I do
You do
He / She does
We do
You do
They do

The Verb “to do” has two forms. It can be a main verb or an auxiliary verb (helping verb). There are three main auxiliary or linking verbs in English; to be / to have and to do.

Infinitive: to do

Hello bobby, what are you doing?

To Do (past simple)

I did
You did
He / She did
We did
You did
They did

To Do (future simple)

Future Español
I will do
yo haré
You will do
tú harás
He /She will do
él / ella / ud. hará
We will do
nosotros haremos
You will do
vosotros haréis
They will do
ellos / ellas / uds. harán

I will do the Laundry at the weekend when i have time.

The students will do the homework after the class ends.

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